Coping with stress during Covid-19 by Ms. Raphael

We can all agree that Covid-19 was perhaps the most unexpected, unforeseen thing that forced its way into our lives. For many of us, it has disrupted our routines and made simple everyday activities, like work and caring for loved ones, challenging. By now, feelings of stress, fear and nervousness during this pandemic are completely normal. […]

5 Ways To Balance Your Job and Online Schooling

By: Mr. Aaron Grant- Mathematics Teacher at Ashley B’s Are you currently working while studying? Well this blog is for you! Whether you are full-time or part-time, this blog will speak about balancing your job and schooling. Many of us, especially during this pandemic, have truly rediscovered the meaning of the word “BALANCE”. Some of […]

How to Improve Your Child’s Mental Health By Ms. Ashley Borris

Most parents try their best to provide their children with nutritious foods, with medical care, with clothing and shelter. But are we so focused of the physical well-being of our children that we do not pay much attention to their metal well-being? A child’s mental health is just as important as their physical health, particularly when it […]

Taking Care of You! By Ms. Ariel Bruce

When we think of health, many of us first do checks of the physical aspect. However, our overall health includes: our mental, emotional and physical well-being. If one goes down, all others go down. They are directly proportional. Proper nutrition, sleep, your happiness, your stress levels are all vital when it comes to your health. […]