5 Ways To Balance Your Job and Online Schooling

By: Mr. Aaron Grant- Mathematics Teacher at Ashley B’s

Are you currently working while studying?

Well this blog is for you!

Whether you are full-time or part-time, this blog will speak about balancing your job and schooling.

Many of us, especially during this pandemic, have truly rediscovered the meaning of the word “BALANCE”. Some of us have been probed with the task of balancing our many roles as employees, parents, teachers and even student.

I myself, a student of a prestigious University as well as a part time tutor, has experienced first-hand the difficulties endured in balancing both a job and online classes.

Yes, it may be difficult to do, but it is not impossible!

It requires traits and habits which need to be well grasped and managed. These unique skills include:

  • Self-discipline
  • time management
  • organization
  • Self-motivation

Self-Discipline refers to making yourself do what you should do even when you do not feel like doing it! You don’t feel like going to class today? Push through it! Too tired to get up for work? Push through it! Without discipline, the reality of balancing work and online schooling is an uphill task and somewhat impossible.

When discipline becomes part of you, the rest becomes easy. With discipline, time management would be effortless as you already know how to spend your time. This refers to not just working hard, but playing hard. We are all humans and we need time to relax as well. Always get reasonable sleep each and every night. This is important for our physical and mental health. Time management also means prioritizing. When you are fully aware of what you need to accomplish, you would be able to delegate which tasks requires more time and effort.

In order to maintain this, organizing is very important. With such a busy lifestyle, we tend to forget certain tasks. Try writing down tasks in a journal or on your phones and set reminders so that you would not forget them. Give yourself deadlines to accomplish goals. Once you have fulfilled your daily tasks, reward yourself with whatever makes you happy. Perhaps a movie or a game? The anticipation of a reward may give you that extra bit of motivation.

On that note, staying motivated is a challenge especially for working students. Daily affirmations can really get you energized to face the challenges of the day. Motivational videos, pictures and quotes on a daily basis can influence your mindset and overall behaviour.

Yes! You can surely be a good student and a good employee once you practice these good habits!

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